Exco France meet in Cannes for Digital Transformation Conference

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Exco Annual conference in Cannes, October 2017

Exco, Kreston’s network in France, held its annual conference in Cannes, in the French Riviera, over 7th and 8th October.

Over 350 Partners and staff representing 10 nationalities, attended the event this year. The theme of the conference was Digital Transformation and its impact on and implications for organisations.

The conference was opened by Christian Dorange of host firm Exco Côte d’Azur and Fabrice Olivari of Exco FSE. The business sessions were led by Kreston Board Director and Exco CEO, Franck Parker, who updated all on developments within Exco and on Kreston strategy.

Key note this year was Antoine Amiel, Founder and CEO of LearnAssembly, a Digital Transformation coaching organisation.

The second day was devoted to an excellent team building exercise on the Isle of Lerins, located near Cannes and the conference concluded with a Gala Dinner at the world famous Intercontinental Carlton Hotel.

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